OCVY – Watches are one of the accessories to support daily activities which nowadays is becoming a fashion statement rather than utilizing it as an object to know the time. There is a saying “one who loves to wear a watch is one who is typically on time in his life”. There are also some people who feel like they are ‘naked’ if they forget to embed the watch on their hand.

Watch Left or Right Beckham

The subject of wearing the watches on which hand is never a biggy. Most people will wear watches on their left hand. So, does the one who wears it on the right hand is wrong?

Expert View on This Problem

Stephen Charles of Parkers Jeweler, who is a pre-owned specialist and vintage watch explain this subject perfectly. He said that since there are a lot of people who are right-handed, the watch is usually wear on the left hand.  The crown and the setup button is also on the right side of the casing. The position of the button will help the wearer to adjust the watch by using right hand.

The positioning of the crown of the watch is also suitable for people who are left-handed. Stephen further explains that there is no valid rule about the right hand to wear the clock. The only thing to consider is the personal choice and the way to set the watch itself.

Special Case on Wearing The Watches

For example, there are a lot of digital watches that have buttons that spread over the case. Due to the flexibility of the watches, they can be wear on each preferred hand. Plus, since the era of smartwatches is already here the resilience of the upcoming watch is also getting an upgrade. Each watchmaker is providing the best usability to the product that will make this “problem” is getting blurrier. So as long as you are feeling comfy with it, go ahead!

Watch Left or Right Smartwatch

Whether it’s an analog watch that has to be set with a winder or a digital watch, wear a hand in hand that will spark the confidence in you. Watch is an accessory that should complete the one who wears it, so it’s always your choice from the start. Remember! There is no rule or law about which hand is the ideal hand for wearing a watches. So, pick one watch that you loves the most and wear it like no one business. Enjoy!

Which Hand is The Best Suit For Wearing Watch ? Left or Right ?

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