OCVY – Just like women, men also want to look cool. One common way is to wear accessories on the wrist. Whether it’s a watch, bracelet, or even both. Various models of watches and bracelets that exist today make the choice a little difficult. Especially, if you have to combine it with the clothes that you worn.

Although you may already know, there are still lots of men who actually consider that the two accessories do not have that important role in their appearance. The fact is, if you can combine the types of clothing with watches and bracelets that are in accordance with what is wear, your appearance will surely look much more attractive and fashionable.

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Watches are arguably the most frequently purchased and worn men’s accessories. These accessories are often considered as a complement to the appearance that is considered mandatory for every man. If you don’t want to bother collecting a lot of watches, you can invest in two watches that can be used on various formal and informal occasions. At least own one digital or semi-digital watch, and chronograph watch.

Even though a good watch usually has an expensive price, it would be better if you have a really high-quality watch. Rather than buying a lot of cheap and low-quality watches which will be broken in a short time. The use of the highly-graded material is the reason why an expensive watch is generally very durable.

Bracelet and Watch - Variety of Watch

For casual occasions, digital or semi-digital watches are a great choice. Even if you are wearing a plain shirt combined with jeans, your appearance will still look cool. You can also wear the watch with a short-sleeved shirt. While to appear formal, choose the chronographs one. With this watch, the classy modern look will accompany your style.


In recent times, the fashion trend of wearing bracelets as men’s accessories is back. Especially with the increasing number of music idols and sportsmen wearing bracelets. Choice of a bracelet as accessories is also available in a large selection of colors, materials, and models.

Leather materials tend to be more easily combined with any style of clothing such as sweatshirts or blazers, but also note the size. Adjust the size of the bracelet worn with clothes. Slim fit clothing, for example, is less suitable with a large leather bracelet. Men’s bracelets indeed take the role as a complement to appearance. Some men even combine bracelets and watches at once.

Bracelet and Watch - Variety of Bracelet

This option will further enrich the display to make it look more fashionable. But back to size, don’t let the bracelet be bigger than the watch. Not just as a complement to appearance, men’s bracelets usually have their own philosophical impressions. Some types of bracelets have a deep meaning for the wearer, for example as a reminder about the time he spent traveling to a place, a gift from the closest friend, and much more.

The topic of fashion is indeed a sensitive issue, especially if you are an important person in your office or environment. The use of bracelets that are in harmony with your fashion, usually brings up a younger, more passionate image, so that people can get a positive impression of you.

Tips on How to Combine Watch and Bracelet for Men

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