OCVY –¬†Automatic watches do have their own value because there is always a connection with the wearer. Many people enjoy automatic clocks because they are considered to have more artistic value and craftsmanship. Automatic watches usually have rotors that rotate with kinetic energy from our hands. For your automatic watch to last longer, there are a number of tips for caring for the automatic watch. Here are those tips:

Set up your automatic watch

There are several steps to set up an automatic watch. First, remove the watch from your wrist, this is done by not giving too much pressure when turning the crown. Next, turn the crown clockwise approximately 20-30 times until the long needle moves. After that, you can adjust the time and date. Press the crown back into the finish. Automatic watches can usually store energy for approximately 36 hours. Regular usage keeps the mechanism running and does not need to be set up repeatedly.

Automatic Watches Front and Back

Things that need to be avoided

When setting up an automatistic watch, do not adjust the calendar from 9 pm until 2 am on the hour indicated by the watch. This can make the gear mechanism break faster. Secondly, don’t rotate the crown too much or overwind it. Simply stop when the minute-long needle has moved according to the steps above.

Automatic Watches Front

Automatic watches, rather susceptible to movements that are too tight. Avoid using automatic watches while playing golf or tennis. Also, avoid your watch from the influence of a large magnet because it can disrupt the mechanism of the system if left in the long run. Magnets at home also include close proximity to iPad, computers, tv, speakers, and other electronic devices.

Further Care

Automatic watches that are rarely used should be placed in a watch winder. This tool will help your automatic watch mechanism to move as if used. Also, take care of the strap and case by gently cleaning the watch with a special cloth to avoid dirt and dust sticking.

It’s also a good idea to bring your automatic watch to the service station every four years or so. You’ve invested a lot in your watch, it’s also important to take good care of it rather than wait until it’s broken.

Automatic Watches Winder

So, it’s not that difficult right? Basically, the general knowledge of the watch is very necessary to minimize damage to your lovely timepiece. Because it would be troublesome if an expensive watch which you purchased become easily damaged due to the ignorance on¬†how to treat the watch.

Tips: How to Take Care An Automatic Watches

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