OCVY – Generally, women have small wrists. Wrapped with jewelry and accessories, woman’s hand will be able to attract more attention from no other than – men. Watches nowadays are not just a timepiece but also a mandatory in completing fashion attribute for women. Therefore, it is better for women to understand how to choose the right watch for her small wrist to keep it interesting. Here are 3 tips for choosing the right watches for women:

Customize with Wrist Size

The shape and size of the hand will greatly affect whether or not a watch is good choices or not. For that reason, it is important to consider this aspect while choosing for one. For a small wrist, choose a watch with a rope and a pendulum that is also small and vice versa. If the size of the wrist is slightly wider, try to choose a watch with a string and a rather large pendulum. Thus, the shape of the hand can look more proportional. Don’t forget to adjust the size of the strap and the size of the watch – of course.

tips to choose the right watch for woman wrist size

Match Skin Tone and Watch Color

In order to have a more attractive looking watches, we can adjust the color of the clock with our skin color. For example, if you have skin tones that tend to be bright, try to match it with striking colors watch and contrast is not a problem. Precisely these watches can provide highlights on skin color so it does not look too pale while you are using it. The alteration of colors that can be used as alternatives are white, pink, baby blue, and rose gold. As for darker skin, soft colors like maroon, darkish blue, nude colors can impact the skin to look more luminous.

tips to choose the right watch for woman activities

Pick As Needed

The choice of a woman’s watch is certainly influenced by the style and taste. But for the appearance to look more harmonious and balanced, it also needs to blend perfectly with the activities undertaken. For example, if the activity you targeted is a sport and outdoor activities, it is better to have a watch that is a water-resistant sports watch. If you wanted to wear it on your daily activities at the office, the choice of stainless watches, leather, or crystal decoration can be selected for a touch of luxury and elegant fashion statement.

It’s easy, right? By choosing the right type and occasion, the watch you wear can make your appearance much more spectacular.

3 Tips For Choosing The Right Watch For Women

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