OCVY – If you are accustomed to wearing a watch, you might find it strange not to wear a watch while exercising. There is one particular sport that has become very popular and is a trend for a couple of years. Yes, it is none other than running or marathon. Besides being easy to do, this sport has also become a lifestyle choice for some people. Then, which runners’ watch is suitable for sports activities, especially running?

Actually, there is one main interest in having a special watch for sports.  And it is to keep your casual watches for everyday use. Sports watches are capable to be exposed to sweat. So you can take them on your running session and outdoor activities. Hence, here are some brief exposures that need to be calculated before buying a sports watch. Consequently, this time we will be discussing sports watches for running activities.

Runnner's Watch Woman

What type of runner are you?

Are you the type of occasional runner, or runner who does periodically always follow competitions or other running activities? Because the type of runner will definitely determine the type of watch you need yourself. For a professional runner, the watch must have complete features. Starting from the time/lap time tracking feature, to the GPS-built in technology. Which will be very useful for professional runners. But, for ordinary runners, complex features like this will not be utilized optimally.

Runnner's Watch TomTom

What is your goal to run?

Before buying a running watch that costs quite pricey, it is better to consider for the future use. Are you really aiming to use the watches to practice every day for years to come? If you are aiming to take running as a serious activity, you should immediately buy a watch with a complete feature because usually, the warranty is also cover more. But if you take running as the recreational choice, take the simple and moderate watch.

Runners' Watch Garmin Forerunner

Several Options of Runners’ Watch

There are a lot of good sports watches to choose out there.  There is Garmin Forerunner for the budget sports watch.  Or if you want a little bit of class you can take TomTom Spark as your runner’s companion. Both watches might be coming from different aspect and price range but will be the sufficient choice for those who enjoy running session.

Choosing a Good Runners’ Watch, an Easy but Complicated Task
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