OCVY – SevenFriday is one of the brands that reach success in a short time. The brand was founded in 2012 by Daniel Niederer.  The emerge of SevenFriday created a new and separate market for the watch lovers by presenting a unique design.

SevenFriday P-Series Straight Front

SevenFriday is an Asian-Made Watch

SevenFriday is not a Swiss-made watch. The company uses a Japan-made Miyota machine that also inside CITIZEN, while most other parts are imported directly from Hong Kong and China.

Users of these watches may be confused with the words ‘Zurich’, but the watch was not actually made there. Apparently, the mention of ‘Zurich’ is because that’s where the company’s headquarters is located. Zurich is the place where the company designs the watches. At the beginning of its emergence, Sevenfriday issued the M-Series and P-series.

SevenFriday P-Series Close Up Front

SevenFriday Might Looks Regular, But It’s Not!

In terms of design, Sevenfriday has a very different look from regular watches. These watches have a rectangular shape and have a very-complex-machine look. Quoted from their website, SevenFriday has a design concept that they called “impressive mechanical display of visual complications”.

P1B / 01 is one of the series of SevelFriday which has a super large diameter, which is 47 mm. Although it has a very complex and looks, SevenFriday is only able to function as a pointer of the hour, minute, seconds and displays a 24-hour cycle.

P1B / 01 using stainless steel used in several other high-end models. With 316L Steel Grade of high quality inspired by the industry’s essence cogwheel. This material is also used by many manufacturers of luxury Swiss watches such as Omega, Tag Heuer, Breitling, and other brands.

SevenFriday P-Series Chip Location

SevenFriday Technology in Bringing the Comfy

SevenFriday watches are also equipped with water resistance features that last up to 3 ATMs. The watch also features an NFC chip embedded behind a world image. This chip will enable the user to check authenticity verification via the Android SevenFriday app and authorized store.

Despite the large build, SevenFriday’s watch is very comfortable to wear. We can immediately feel the quality of the material. While the workmanship is very good,  the unique appearance will certainly attract the attention of people who see it.

With a large diameter, these watches are more suitable for those who have a bigger wrist diameter and more suited to the fashion of short-sleeved shirts. Above all, you can get the superb quality watch from SevenFriday at the priced of USD 995.


  • Case: Polished stainless steel
  • Bezel: Polished stainless steel with sandblasted groove line
  • Caseback: Polished stainless steel
  • Animation Ring: Horizontal hard brushed stainless steel with sandblasted line
  • Glass: Specially hardened anti-reflective mineral glass
  • Strap: Black leather straps with black stitching
  • Water resistance: 3ATM – Splash/Rain resistant but not suitable for swimming and diving
  • Engine: Automatic Movement Miyota 82S7S, 40H power reserve
This is How SevenFriday P-Series Essense Watch Will Complete Your Day

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