Grand Seiko Hi Beat Front Dial Picture

One of distinguished vintage watch types on earth is Grand Seiko. This is the highest class of Seiko, King Seiko is the second. As its name, the dial of Grand Seiko is the “grandest” among all Seiko watch types. It may be the thickest either. Although Grand Seiko is the highest class doesn’t mean it’s the oldest type of Seiko watches. This watch itself has its own clear code or model. The code is 5646-7000. It means, at the time it was built it has already developed the way to differ between watches. But still, Grand Seiko in this post, is categorized as vintage watch.

Grand Seiko has its beauty. This watch has 25 working jewels for its movement. The machine is hidden by its closure, so you won’t see the complexity. One more time this is vintage watch, but not as older as another vintage watch you might have in mind. Thus, I can say this is quite modern machine look. To make it more beautiful, the back cover of this watch is carved with GS sign which is the signature and also as acronym for Grand Seiko. We think, almost all Grand Seiko watches whether it was made in 80s, 90s, or newer, it has the GS sign on the back cover. Those all the beauty of Grand Seiko watch.

Specifically for 5646-7000 model, this one was originally coming from Japan. It has month name in Japanese. This model is also has an accurate movement because it has Hi-Beat feature which supports automatic movement to keep on track with very precise gears move. The gears also made, mostly of Grand Seiko watches, it feels heavier than other type. For you who really feel the time is really important, you need to carry on with this downside.

Grand Seiko Hi Beat Open Machine Picture

Grand Seiko Hi Beat Cover Picture

Grand Seiko Hi Beat Rear Picture

Price: $3,200
Jewels: 25
Movement: Automatic
Strap: Aftermarket

Grand Seiko Hi-Beat 5646-7000
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