Omega De Ville 3 Digits Front Dial View

Here it comes the classic Omega De Ville vintage watch. Little bit rustic but still show its beauty as one of classy vintage watches on earth. It has gold plated body and original Omega crown. Its original back case is also make this watch precious. With Lunette word on its back case it shows the same class as vintage Longines watches.

The strap is of course as you can see, aftermarket. But, don’t worry with that strap doesn’t mean much to horologist. This Omega De Villa is also has good condition of minute and hour hands. The thickness, if you see it from rear, has tolerable amount to be categorized as simple vintage watch. Very suitable for both formal and daily activities. The machine is quite simple with maybe 17 jewels in it. So, we recommend you to buy this watch as soon as you find it in antique shop.

Omega De Ville 3 Digits Side View Omega De Ville 3 Digits Rear View

Look at that Omega crown! Still very beautiful and mesmerizing.

Omega De Ville 3 Digits Machine View

Price: $2,200
Jewels: 17
Movement: Self-winding
Strap: Aftermarket

Omega De Ville 3 Digits Lunette
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