OCVY – To look elegant and luxurious is the desire of all people. To improve those impressions we kinda require a simple but solid watch to enrich the character in you. Therefore the Casio G-Shock G-STEEL GST-B100-1A is a perfect choice. You might ask, Why? The reason is Casio G-Shock G-STEEL use only high-quality stainless steel material on bezel parts combined with a luxurious design rubber strap.

Casio G-Shock G-STEEL GST-B100-1A Case

Casio G-Shock G-STEEL is NOW Bluetooth Ready

Code B in the series GST-B100-1A itself is a reference to the presence of Bluetooth features in this G-steel series. G-steel itself is a full analog system which means no LCD or digital features that you can access as in previous G-Steel series. Although the G-steel Series GST-B100-1A has a full analog format, that does not mean there are no advanced features on this G-steel family.

The Casio G-shock GST-B100-1A series is one of several new G-steel variants with smartphone link functions (Bluetooth) feature launched by Casio at the end of 2017. This feature allows you to control several modes on this watch through your smartphone. If we look at the specifications released by Casio, the smartphone features link functions (Bluetooth) can control the adjustment of time, alarm, timer, clock adjustment and time zone changes.

Casio G-Shock G-STEEL GST-B100-1A Upper View

Smart Knob Feature on Classic Analog Watch

One of the mainstays of this watch is the smart knob of an analog needle designed to provide an automatic rotation with just one small turn. With one small round, the analog needle at this clock will automatically move continuously until you press this button if the analog clock is anywhere near the time you want. Another feature is the tough solar panel and the battery level indicator that will help you to notice the power level.

Casio G-Shock G-STEEL GST-B100-1A Front View

The New Layer Guard Structure on The G-Steel Series

The G-steel series has a design called the layer guard structure, where different materials are used in the bezel part of the watch to create 2 layer structures thus creating a new dimension on the “shock resistant” feature. One of the toughness that can always be the source of proud on Casio is the strength of water resistance that reaches a depth of 200 meters.

The G-shock series GST-B100-1A is able to survive up to a depth of 200 meters in the water. Although this watch is not specially built for a diving. But for those of you who often “wander” open space and feeling adventurous, this feature is certainly very useful. Above all, the Casio G-Shock G-STEEL GST-B100-1A is the ultimate weapon that will make you more confident in doing all the activity.


  • Case / bezel material: Resin / Stainless steel
  • Resin Band
  • Mineral Glass
  • Neobrite
  • Shock Resistant
  • Screw Lock Crown
  • 200-meter water resistance
  • Solar powered
  • LED light (Super Illuminator)
  • Mobile link (Wireless linking using Bluetooth®)
  • Dual time (Home city time swapping)
  • 1-second stopwatch
  • Countdown Timer
  • Daily alarm
  • Battery level indicator
  • Power Saving
  • Full auto-calendar (to the year 2099)
  • Date display
  • Day indicator
  • Regular timekeeping
    • Analog: 3 hands (hour, minute (hand moves every 10 seconds), second),
    • 3 dials (dual time hour and minute, dual time 24-hour, day)
  • Accuracy: ±15 seconds per month (with no mobile link function)
  • Approx. battery operating time:
    • 5 months on rechargeable battery (operation period with normal use without exposure to light after charge)
    • 24 months on rechargeable battery (operation period when stored in total darkness with the power save function on after full charge)
Casio G-Shock G-STEEL and Three Simple Reason It’s Astonishing

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